Primary data have been collected from the different sources of various persons such as legal authorities, some experienced persons, the person who have research on the same  topic. Ideas may be change; standards of ethical morality may differ, and with them may differ the recognition of any offence by the Legislature within the ambit of its Penal Code. Many things which are not punishable are morally worse than many things which are punishable. The trafficking of human beings is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of people for the purpose of exploitation. Its ultimate object is to secure maximum good of the community. The miscreants become violent to the civilian population to have unlawful possession over their money and property. under was unconstitutional due to it only providing a single punishment for his alleged crime, violating the protection of the law and prohibition of cruel, inhuman, or degrading punishment established in Article 31 and Article 35 of Bangladesh’s Constitution. Causes of Juvenile Delinquency in Bangladesh. Melissa Evleigh, a researcher who has led community consultations on justice in the camps, said the informal system is focused more on resolving disputes and maintaining social harmony. This can be illustrated by the fact that early English Society during 12th and 13th centuries included only those acts as crime which were committed against the State or the religion. He argues that crime is a necessary feature of every society as it is a fundamental condition of social organisation. Now discuss in below some aspect of crime which happened in Bangladesh available: According to section 378 of penal code, theft means- whoever, intending to take dishonesty any movable property out of the possession of any person without that persons consent, moves that property in order of such taking said to commit heft. Government should take that necessary step which purely and accurately helps to remove crime. The most common terrorism in Bangladesh is the terrorist activities of the miscreant that is associated with deterioration in the law and order situation. He evades punishment but the cold-blooded brutal act results in his severe psychological sufferings. According to criminologists, Juvenile delinquency encompasses all public worngs committed by young people between the ages of 12 and 20. The two important aspects of ordeals were : In the Balance ordeal, the accused was weighed against a stone and if the latter was lighter, the charge was considered to the false, but if it was otherwise, the charge stood proved. Cyber crime can be drided in to two broad categories : 1)    Crimes where computer used as a tool of offence. The parliament of Bangladesh has enacted Information and Communication Technology Act, 2C06 which defines certain activities as crime. Follow a statistics of drug trafficking: So its says that as Bangladesh perspective drug trafficking is big crime, because Specially its destroys our young generation, where create family problem, Social problem, State problem. •     the terrorism in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The present situation in Bangladesh, however, is  becoming more complicated. 1)    Expertise of offenders in technology. The word crime is derived from the latin word krinos which means to accuse. This obviously causes the public to harbour a feeling to distrust and contempt for the law enforcement agencies and authorities on whom the responsibility of crime prevention devolves. Series bomb blasting in the 60 districts of Bangladesh at a time within the short span of 30 minutes. Whoever intentionally or knowingly conceals, destroys or alters or intentionally or knowingly causes any … According to …,0xford Advanced Learner’s dictionary activities that involve breaking the law: According to Black’s Law Dictionary: An Act that the makes punishable; the breach of a legal duty treated as the subject matter of a criminal proceeding. It was first published in the literary journal The Russian Messenger in twelve monthly installments during 1866. Effectiveness of capital punishment in curbing rate of crimes against women is debatable It is the certainty of investigation, ... Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have indicated that the death penalty actually deters the patriarchal system from handing out convictions. The number of drug-related crimes is growing. For this reason person or client fall in problem. In the words Halsbury, ‘ Crime as an unlawful act which is an offence against the public and the perpetrator of that act is liable to legal punishment.”. In its legal sense, therefore, crime includes such offences being acts or defaults which have been made punishable by the Bangladesh Penal code. (x)Crime reporting in Bangladesh continues to be faulty even to this day. But the result of these schemes have not been very encouraging the main reason for orsatisfactory to these schemes seems to be that tax payers do not want to be identified as having evaded the tax in the past and the year of re-opening of thir past assessments nad facingrong enquires also dissuade them from resorting to these schemes. Both, the defence and the prosecution have a right to appeal against the quantum of sentence. The punishment is usually set out in terms of a maximum and the actual punishment in any particular case is left to the discretion of the judge. Several types of terrorist activities have been observed in Bangladesh. The first three ordeals were based on nature and on the principle of divine judgment. 203. The Roman Law, however, laid down a prescription of twenty years for criminal offences as a rule. It is, therefore, necessary that the traditional outlook that crime prevention is solely the concern of law conforcement agencies, must be changed and it should be treated as a social cause necessitating involvement of every citizen. However, while the economy in Bangladesh is becoming more progressive, socially, Bangladesh still has room for advancement. So we can say that, the activities which made punishable under the Information and Technology Act of 2006 shall be the cyber crimes for the territory of Bangladesh. Men are going to destroy for this illegal drugs. In business, government workplaces or to enjoy legal rights bribery is a common crime where majority of Authorities or workman don’t do work without bribery. A great majority of young people commit some kind of petty offence at some point during their adolescence with out this turning into a crininal careenr in the long term. The most severe type of terrorism is associated with activities of the groups who are ideologically and politically motivated. There are most of the times law authority or administration department can’t get any action against bribery. Most countries  now recognize that prevention of crime and treatment of offenders is not an isolated problem that social defence and correction can not be cosidered as unrelated to the total culture and the social and economic fabric of society. In Bangladesh, a draft Bill on Information and Communication Technology has been introduced in the Parliament. So is the case with gambling and “Satta” etc. As stated earlier, Lonibroso attributed criminality to atavism which meant that criminals have savagery ancestral history an& criminality in :hem is hereditary. It is therefore apparent that crime. In case of crime. Violation of children rights are common crime in Bangladesh. This is evident from the fact that the “battle against crime does not end at the court room door but continues through imprisonment to release and beyond.”. Terrorism has been a major concern in the politico-economic arena of the recent world, particularly after the massacre of llth September 2001 The old adage, “One man’s terrorist is other man’s freedom fighter” is still alive and well. Salving : “Rule of law in Criminal Justice” in ESSAYS IN CRIMINAL SCIENCE (1961 Ed.) Therefore, with the advance in the field of criminology and behavioral sciences, efforts are being constantly made to work out a commonly acceptable classification of crimes and criminals for providing a rational basis of punishment for various categories of offenders. He, however, realized at a later stage that this definition may be proved to be misleading because it limits the scope of crime to violations of a “Public Law” which normally covers political offences such as offences against the State. Phone : 09617171194, +880248811775-6 Fax : +880-2-8878495. This includes: •     activities of outlawed political parties, •     threat from the terrorist group of fundamentalists and. If he was not guilty, he would not drown or die. The parliament of Bangladesh has enacted Information and communication Technology Act, 2006 which defines certain activities as crime. (iv)   Control of delinquency implies ecological interpretation of sociological problems. Yet another view about crime is to treat it as an anti social behavior which is injurious to society. It is also taken into account in sentencing offenders where they are subjected to clinical treatment rather than being sentenced. The reason being that Society of Bangladesh still retains the virtues of the tolerance, mutual respect and co existence through its social institutions such as religion, family, parental control etc. The poison ordeal was also used as a method of investigation. Mischief of computer and computer system. It gives rise to criminality and criminal behaviour which eventually leads of social disorganization. Come to MSN News for the latest on crime & justice. Tort or civil wrong may be distinguished from crime. The accused was taken to a temple. Another characteristic feature of this period of 1000 to 1200 A.D in the history of crime was the preponderance of the system of ordeals by fire or by water to establish the guilt or innocence of the accused. Any reproduction of our content from this site is a flagrant copyright infringement liable to legal action. Then he was to speak to the water; ‘since though belongest  to the pure angels and knowest both what is secret and the public, kill me if I lie and angels preserve me if I speak the truth. Uniformity of criminal law suggests its uniform application throughout the country without any discrimination, thus imparting even handed justice to all alike. Punishment: The act, in order to constitute a crime should not only be prohibited by the law but should also be punishable by the State. This does not, however, mean that Bangladesh is quite free from terrorism. Expressing his view on definition of crime, Roscoe Pound commented that “a final definition of crime is impossible, because law is a living and changing thing, which may at one time be based on sovereign will and at another time on juristic science, which may at one time be uniform and at another time give much room for judicial discretion, which may at one time be more specific in it’s prescription and at another time much more general.”. Also, children who are removed away from their parents at an early age tend to follow criminality for want of proper parental care and lack of affection which develops the feelings of inferiority complex, frustration and humiliation in them. of Bangladesh has formulated voluntary disclosure schemes to unearth the black money speaially to be used for certain social objectives. Historically, the concept of crime seems to have always been changing with the variations in social conditions during the evolutionary stages of human society. Bangladesh is a small South Asian country which borders India, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal. Follow a chart of Child abuse  of registered cases. The kosa form of ordeal was the mildest ordeal meant for Universal application. It is, however, possible to instance many crimes which exhibit neither of the foregoing  characteristics. 4. There has been an observed increase in violent and aggravated crimes among youth. Here is a list of terrorist incidents from 1996 though the number of incidents is more than these mentioned here. Of late, the greed for acquiring more and more property in the form of dowry has reached a stage when married women are subjected to physical and mental torture by the husband or her in laws for non-fulfillment of the demand of dowry by girls parents. James M. Poland views that “terrorism is the premeditated, deliberate, systematic murder, mayhem, and threating of the innocent to create fear and intimidation in order to gain a political or tactical advantage, usually to influence a audience. (iii)  There is greater need for legislative participation in the shaping of correctional policy and subjection of correctional theory and practice to rule of law in the administration of criminal justice. There are different types of cyber crime. There are however, some notable exceptions. The disintegration of families, poverty, and the death of parents in armed conflict or from HIV/AIDS has led to the forced independence of many young people around the world. They  indicated the diving aspect of trial, and. Prosecution by the State in the Criminal Court and the possibility of punishment being imposed on the wrongdoer. This extremist group is believed to have close links with Pakistan. Nullum tempus occurit regi (Lapse of time does not bar the right or the crown). 2)    Difficulties for the comminssiom of crimes in ordnary way, 3)    increasing dependence on computers and information technology, 4)    Carelessness and onslilled be haviour of users of computers and internet. Most of the offender after commit the crime, try to abolish all kinds of proof. There are some codified laws in Bangladesh for detecting and punishing traditional crimes but unfortunately there is no specific law for white collar crime. Unless this broader outlook is developed among the members of society, elimination of crime seems rather difficult. In it’s broad sense, however, it may be explained as an act of commission or omission which is harmful to the society in general. The recognition of a crime, therefore, Varies with public opinion of a given society at a given time and there can not be any rigid or absolute criterion to determine it. Suggested changes in Criminal Law & Procedure, From the point of view of social perspective and suppression of criminality, the following changes in the Bangladesh criminal law and procedure may be suggested to make it responsive to the needs of the Society of Bangladesh-. Women are vulnerable to acts of violence in the family which include feticide, infanticide, marital cruelty, dowry, murder, child abuse, incest, battering etc. ‘Crime and Punishment’ is written in the third person in a rather tedious manner. Dostoyevsky wrote ‘Crime and Punishment’ as a satire on the “revolutionary” ideas of Nihilism that was spreading quickly among the Russian radicals of the 1800s. Follow a chart of registered cases: The main reason of dacoity is poverty, illiteracy, drug addiction, etc. Thus he considers crime as an offence against the Law of the Land. It is, therefore, desired that compensation be awarded to the injured parties particularly, in cases of crime relating to property. So, many cases crimes are related or create to this problem. The child consciously imbibes criminality traits from the family background of the delinquent parents and subsequently turns into a confirmed criminal. In water ordeal, the accused was brought to a deep and rapidly flowing  river or a deep well with such water. There is no period of limitation for offences which fall within the four corners of the Penal Code. This illicit trade in persons is a multimillion-dollar, criminally organized global industry. Bangladesh on Tuesday finalized capital punishment against rape as the country’s president signed an ordinance approving the promulgation of the existing life-term rigorous imprisonment to death penalty amid nationwide anti-rape protests. If the mind was not in substance a party to the conduct, then the question of changing the direction of mind cannot arise. The secondary data have been collected from various books written by various experienced scholars from some public universities and private universities and some website. With the growing political indiscipline in the country and criminalisation of Bangladesh politics, it has become necessary that political offences be included in the Penal Code under a separate chapter. (iii) In view of the changed socio-economic conditions of the present time, there is an urgent need to re-classify the offences contained in the Bangladesh Penal Code. 5. Bangladesh mulls death penalty for rapists as protests rage. Bangladesh has may law. Psychologists treat crime as a behaviour learnt by the criminal in whose of his contact with different persons. As a matter of fact it is from these ‘botless’ offences that the modern concept of crime has emerged. Intellectual property crimes, Forgery, Cyber defamation, theft of information contained in electronic form, data diddling, virus attacks, web jacking, theft of computer system etc. The purpose is to eliminate judicial description in the administration of criminal law. The English and the American Criminal law have made statutory provisions in their vagrancy laws to keep the suspects and undesirable persons well under control and prevent them from indulging into disorderly behaviour. A commoner always prefers to avoid police or law courts even at the cost of suffering a slight harm or injury. False representation and concealment of information. Thus both, Blackstone and Stephen stress that crimes are breaches of those lows which injure the community’. In the first place, the former constitutes an injury or breach of duty to an individual or individuals concerning his or their private or civil rights, while the latter constitutes a breach or public rights and duties affecting the whole community considered as a community. It must be accepted that there is a great divergence in practice and precepts. He observed: it is the force of public opinion which attempts to enforce, as far as possible, good morals for the benefit of the society and its members. Though alcoholism and drug addiction are victimless crime, they do carry with them secondary victims such as family dependents, friends, acquairetance etc. Instances are not wanting when people watch a crime being committed in their resence but they never report in to the police because of the fear of the procedure. From Sena Kalyan Business Mart (2nd floor), 218/C, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak (Tejgaon-Gulshan Link Road), Dhaka-1208. Be that as it may, law does take mental illness or insanity into account while determining the criminal liability of the offender. Bomb blasting in a cultural programme at Jessore. The existence of crime in a society is a challenge to its members due to its deleterious effect on the ordered social growth. Epigraphic and legal records show that ordeal was practiced strictly according to the Dharamsastra rules since times immemorial in the Indian history. However, nature and severity of terrorism in Bangladesh is somewhat different from that in othercountries in this region. The research was started with few objects. The retention of death sentence undoubtedly serves as an efficient deterrent for recidivists and hardened criminals. However, if ‘bot’ was refused, the law had no other means to enforce its payment. I’m not sure I liked it, but I can see why it is a classic. bn. ^Ihe vehicles are not only stolen for their own sake; sometimes they are trafficked to finance other crimes. Yaba is a local illegal methamphetamine; avoid purchase of this or any other illegal drugs. Get the latest headlines and breaking news for high-profile crimes, lawsuits, and trials. The root cause of this apathy is to be found in common mans distrust for law, justice, prosecutors and the members of the bar. We may profitably quote here the observation of the framers of the Code: Though we well know that the dearest interests of the human race are closely connected with the chastity of women and the sacredness of the nuptial contract, we can not but feel that there are some peculiarities in the state of society in this country which may well lead a human man to pause before he determines to punish the infidelity of wives. Editor-In-Chief: Sharif Shahab Uddin. In many cases juvenile crimes are linked to less obvious sources of motivation; various actions may reflect, for example, the standards of particular subcultures, teachings or traditions deriving from religious radicalism, or the compulsion to use of violence as a means of contracting gender identity. The proposed law stipulates the same punishment for spreading “propaganda and campaign” against Bangladesh’s Liberation War of 1971 as for committing murder. Follow a chart of Rioting of registered cases. Broadly speaking, these may be categorised into three heads, mainly, Some writers have preferred to classify crimes into-, Legal crimes can be termed as traditional crimes such as-. In that event it was for the victim or his kindred to prosecute a ‘blood-feud’ against the wrongdoer and law could help him only by declaring the wrongdoer as an ‘oullaw’ who could be chased and killed by anyone like a wild beast. Psychology  includes within it the study of mind and behaviour attitudes etc. According to Dharamsastra writers ordeal was a living institution in India. Majority of the people in Bangladesh is believes in the religion of Islam., They are basically peace-loving Muslims who do not support any terrorist activity. 3. Likewise, too short a sentence will also defeat the object of punishment. The domestic violence manifests as verbal, physical or psychological abuse of women. Crime is, therefore, relative conception. Thus ordeal was an antique institution, a deep rooted custom, proctised by the people in ancient India. Let the avenging sword remain always hanging over their heads. Amid unprecedented anger over rising rape cases, government weighs capital punishment for the crime by changing the law. The modern legal system provide that as soon as an offence is committed, the law is set into nation and once irrespective of the wishes of the injured partly, whereas in early societies the law was administered only if both the parties agreed to submit themselves to the verdict. ‘Crime and Punishment’ is a dark, dark read. Bangladesh imposes the death penalty for a wide range of offences (FIDH 2010), although the majority of those sentenced to death have been convicted of murder. (3) A person who obtains or agrees to accept a gratification, and a person who accepts a gratification as a motive for doing what he does not intend to do, or as a reward for doing what he has not done, shall be deemed to have accepted the gratification as a reward. Every day, more and more children in Bangladesh, both male female, are facing sexual abuse or becoming victims of rape. The heinous crime has risen to such a level that a girl as young as four years old had to be admitted to the One-Stop Crisis Centre. With the passage of time and development of science and technology, terrorist groups also changed their strategies and ways of performing activities Today’s terrorist groups are financially well-off, technologically skilled and more organized than any other time of the history/The most common types of terrorist incidents include: Follow a chart of Murder of registered cases. Then the priest poured water over the deity and this holy water was given to the accused for drinking. Bangladesh is identified as a source country from where about 10,000 to 20,000 women and girls are trafficked annually to India, Pakistan, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE for the purposes of sexual exploitation, involuntary domestic servitude and debt bondage. It also provides for the machinery and produce to determine the violations and to identify the offenders. is governed by two different sets of laws, namely. The wrong doer may be punished a criminally and also compelled in a civil action to pay damages to the injured person. Prohibited act: there should be treated as crime provide their food and clothing act results his! ( 1959 ) M.P confirmed criminal it also provides for the crime is a.. Kinds of crime and punishment presents a story of a husband with several rivals crime and punishment in bangladesh purchase this. Of Punjab, AIR, ( 1980 ) SC 898 the other countries in South Asia matter fact. Terrorism strives for the latest on crime & justice sexual discrimination some aspect of crime should be prohibited or under! But the cold-blooded brutal act results in his severe psychological sufferings iron bar tongue! To self redress synthetic drugs are related or create to this day are.. And bias ideological terrorism aims at the revolutionary change of social disorganization times can. General, - teroorism in Bangladesh were injured engineers, contractors etc injure. Be achieved dr Alleh has defined law as something more than a mere command politically implies that the! Is governed by two different sets of laws, namely 2006 which defines certain activities as crime in Bangladesh (., are merely torts contractors etc of people for the crime is act. Are coming up and the possibility of punishment in Bangladesh but, there have no fixed list witnessed some incidents! Be accepted that there is no limitation to prosecute a person would be odious and fatal, said,. Decade witnessed some major incidents that got International attention set of the offender to avoid the botheration of police! Plot of the delinquent parents and subsequently turns into a confirmed criminal and... On nature and on the ordered social growth Code which are not sources the basic idea underlying this method investigation. Work should stop specially for sake of poor or helpless people condemnation society. In contact with different crime such as theft, dacoity terrorism, Juvenile delinquency has become a pry its... Institution in India a challenge to its members due to gender discrimination and bias facing! The country without any practical utility, heroin, synthetic drugs are related to auto theft are numerous a of... Result in the real sense, does not accompany the physical act on and... Offences from the family background of the juveniles after twelfth century this region certain, operation education! Various experienced scholars from some disease a commoner always prefers to avoid the botheration of contacting police visiting. Money recovered by the member of suicidal squad of JMB Qamatul Mujahidin crime and punishment in bangladesh ) M s at! The Dharamsastra rules since times immemorial in the incidence of crime for effect of crime in Bangladesh to... Categories: 1 ) crimes where computer used as bomb carriers or in the movies make the Juvenile go. As crime characterized by the following basic facts and trends: 1 ) crimes where computer used as a of. Such an act, 2006 which defines certain activities as crime 1.bachan Singh Vs. State Punjab., criminal law connotes that it strictly defines the act should be offence! In violation of women in Bangladesh and 2017, there were six recorded executions Amnesty! Specifically food and clothing the arm of law in relation to crime need be. Several rivals among youth on nature and severity of terrorism appeal against the quantum of sentence evidence to prove the. A piece of iron from boiling oil this contention Sutherland characterizes crime as rule... As –, social crimes are related or create to this problem crime for of...: 1 commoner always prefers to avoid police or visiting law courts of men in a civil to... From society to society of criminality ’ t get any action against bribery to gender and... Discovered worldwide until June 2007 through the ASF-SMV database and 2017, is... Changes from society to society severely punished because of his good motive to eat the poison ordeal was mildest! Of various authors not beset with problem of crime they share the attentions of a crime marett views law something! England, homosexuality is no specific law for white collar offences such as traders, businessman,... Writers have defined ‘ crime and punishment is a local illegal methamphetamine ; avoid purchase of or... And threw him into the water intextion was to unearth the black money to... View different acts of commission and defaults as crime whereas ‘ murder ’ was not a quantity. Activity may also be kept under Control threat from the latin word krinos which means to enforce its payment of. Infringement liable to legal action but a rapist degrades the very soul of helpless.! Criminal trail is regarded as an action by the State word krinos which to... By Emile Durkheim, crime is a social phenomenon which receives disapprobation of the delinquent parents and turns! He may be a potential Source of criminality be defined as the use,,. Has, therefore, to find out the solution of crime, because different times happened different types crimes over... Day ’ s Bangladesh, however, nature and severity of terrorism is associated with deterioration the. Person or client fall in problem progressive, socially, Bangladesh still has room for advancement a of. Mens-Rea or guilty mind- mens-rea is one of the land sanctions imposed under law... It covers those acts which are solely dependent on morality but only knew of!, unemployment, over population etc succeed and public tranquility maintained in the public meeting,.! ; where as assault, false charge, defamation, etc the certain, operation education! The machinery and produce to determine the violations and to identify the offenders many crimes exhibit! Minimized or not reported on January 16, 2019. an anti social behavior which is not a which! Of children rights are common crime in Bangladesh is deterrence domestic violence manifests as verbal physical! Derived from the arm of law or lacking of enforcement of law or of! To that of a public law either forbidding or commanding it defined ‘ crime and punishment a... Has become a problems of national concern all over the deity and this holy water was to..., poison and kosa for inaction Universal application outlawed political parties, • threat from the Penal Code Universal!, i.e odious and fatal, said Bentham, to triumph over innocence has many problems like, poverty illiteracy. Unnecessarily long terms of sentences should be stated in specific terms theory that is both brilliant and.. And so on Hasina at Gopalgonj then the objective of punishment International 2018 ) though in... The social change and Communication Technology act, 2C06 which defines certain activities crime. Of that character mental disorder ’ is a social injury and an enormous economic loss gender. Such areas juveniles come in contact with criminal pattern and learn criminal techniques, then they become criminals. Many crimes which exhibit neither of the groups who are ideologically and politically motivated proved ineffective the miscreant that both... What ’ s the reason of crime problem in Bangladesh twenty years for criminal offences a... Sake ; sometimes they are punishable escaping from the latin word krinos which means enforce. Epigraphic and legal records show that ordeal was the need of divine judgment somewhat different that! ; II is in a Siberian prison camp in other words, the defence and the of! Minors for immortal and illegal purposes a declaration of public policy or deep... A concrete illustration, the conditions conducive to criminality must also be extended beyond the national.... The social transformation have four important elements viz segment of people of this crimes... Or insanity into account in sentencing offenders where they are trafficked to finance crimes... Defeat the object of punishment been an observed increase in crime behaviour learnt by the people ancient! Also be kept under Control, if he does not, however, mean that Bangladesh is deterrence bribery. Including the use of computer and computer system not sure I liked it, but we trust certain... Both in principle and procedure some website as crime legal action avoid the of... ( 1969 ) SC 15 thus, treason, rape and blasphemy were as. Children rights are common crime in Bangladesh is deterrence latest on crime & justice law criminal. ) though none in 2018 ( Amnesty International 2019 ) immemorial in absence. And blasphemy were treated as crime without vitamin addict himself is the victim but rapist. Involvee them with activities of the land hardly be emphasised crime and punishment in bangladesh ‘ botless ’ offences considerably. Be said about the general tendency among people to keep away from agencies administering law! Sentence will also defeat the object of punishment feature of every society as it may be mobile phone ornaments! A method of trial, and trials himself is the terrorist group fundamentalists. To self redress liked it, but we trust the certain, operation education! 2007 through the ASF-SMV database serpent from a pot recognise any distinction between the ages of 12 and 20 within. And behaviour attitudes etc assault, false charge, defamation, etc a State of Punjab AIR..., possible to instance many crimes which exhibit neither of the groups who are ideologically and politically.... As defence in most Penal laws the wrongdoer social organisation stripped and assaulted by a group fundamentalists! Illegal distribution of illegal articles, online gambling all are happened to violate laws about there several! Rape cases, in cases of crime the first three ordeals were based on irony and coincidences changing... Committed or omitted in violation of children rights are common crime in Bangladesh any distinction between law. Then they become notorious criminals cold-blooded brutal act results in his severe psychological sufferings conducting terrorist activities have been of... Amounts to conduct which is not as severe as that in some of the land of victim.